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It’s not enough to just get it done. It needs to be done right.

That’s Claire’s philosophy. A self-described perfectionist, Claire won’t rest until she’s done everything in her power to achieve a job well done.

Whether that means spending a few hours researching a new client industry or calling every journalist in town when a story breaks, she’s up for it if it means the job will be done well.

If you glance at her résumé, you won’t find any gaps between jobs or new projects. Internships, editorships and freelance writing kept her busy while she earned her Journalism degree at MTSU securing a variety of opportunities from helping to manage the opening of the George Jones Museum here in Nashville to interviewing Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.

That work ethic landed her an internship at RPR in 2015 and quickly led to a promotion to Associate Account Coordinator. Now she’s helping us pitch media, create content and bring large-scale marketing campaigns to life for a number of clients. She’s a go-getter and we dig it.

One thing to note about Claire: she’s kind of a music nut – complete with an unreasonably large CD collection and a boyfriend who’s in a real rock and roll band. That probably explains why she’s been to Bonnaroo four times and can rap all the words to “Hot in Herre” by Nelly without hesitation.

Not a bad talent to have when you live in Music City. Keep on keepin’ on, Claire.


Apr 15

As TEDxNashville headed into its 10th year, their event team approached Reed Public Relations to assist with media relations and organic social media content creation for the event. With the number of Nashville’s ticketed events continuing to grow year over year, RPR was tasked with helping to increase event attendance and raise awareness for the event, as well as ultimately ensuring its longevity. We were also responsible for helping to spread the word and garner attendance for the first ever TEDx360 event, taking place the night before to kick things off.

With the goal of sharing stories of hope and innovation in order to inspire positive change, events like TEDxNashville are important for Music City’s expanding community. Because TEDx Talks are independently organized event from TED Talks, they are organized and executed by groups of passionate volunteers. RPR kicked off the TEDxNashville team six weeks prior to the event, hitting the ground running from there to ensure a successful event.

The campaign consisted of earned media coverage, securing influencer partnerships and the creation and posting of organic social media content. These efforts culminated in coverage and buzz that spread through Middle Tennessee in the form of digital, print, broadcast, social media, community calendars, and word-of-mouth.

Earned Media

RPR created an announcement press release and conducted pitching, securing coverage across the greater Nashville area’s mainstream, lifestyle and business publications. Top hits included three consecutive broadcast segments on WSMV News 4’s premier midday talk show “Today in Nashville” featuring three of TEDxNashville’s speakers, print inclusion in The Tennessean’s The Ticket section and on-site coverage from WSMV News 4 featuring an interview with Sugarland co-founder, Kristian Bush. We also received coverage on the TEDX360 kickoff event, including post-event photo round ups in Nashville Lifestyles and Nashville Post. Total earned media impressions were 15,506,705.

RPR also had the event included in all major local calendar listings, reaching an estimated audience of 2,604,422. Additionally, the event was featured in the e-newsletters of notable community news outlets and organizations including Nashville Guru, StyleBlueprint, the Nashville Downtown Partnership’s “Downtown Details” and more.

Influencer Partnerships

Targeting lifestyle influencers with engaged followings, RPR secured ticket giveaways with three popular, local influencers including Goldwill Digger, Native in Nashville and Breezy and Brazen. These efforts were done to support our overall media relations campaign and goal for the event, resulting in a combined 55,515 impressions.

Organic Social Media

RPR crafted and posted organic social media content––as well as real-time, on-site content at the event ––on TEDxNashville’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages from mid-January through the event. With the pages remaining mostly untouched during the off months, RPR’s goal was to raise awareness and increase attendance for the 2019 event, provide information and updates about the event and maintain a regular stream of engaging lifestyle content. We also worked closely with event volunteers working to implement paid campaigns to support the event itself and our organic content.

Event Support

RPR provided on-the-ground event support by managing on-site media opportunities, capturing and posting real-time social media content and managing social media volunteers.

RPR secured more than 5 million media impressions highlighting the TEDxNashville event, its speakers and its purpose/mission. RPR was tasked with garnering a minimum of 8 media placements, securing a total of 26 media hits + event calendar listings

The event had 1,600 attendees, exceeding last year’s number by 500. RPR was tasked with growing attendance by 15 percent, ultimately growing the 2019 audience by nearly 32 percent.

The event––including the kickoff TEDx360 event––was a success in terms of media coverage, attendance, overall reception and how impactful the talks and performances were for guests.

By Claire Osburn
Apr 26

SNL has always been known as the best place to get hilarious commentary on everything from current affairs to the latest on pop culture and Hollywood’s favorite movers and shakers. It turns out it’s also a great place to pick up some public relations tips from some of the funniest folks in the game. Keep reading for some of the top PR lessons taken from the 42nd season thus far.

Uber is your friend.

Whether it’s dashing off to a meeting, hitting a networking event or attending a new retail opening, the PR hustle is real. This is where Uber, aka your best friend, comes in. Living in a growing, major city like Nashville, the parking struggle is no joke. Becoming friendly with your local neighborhood Uber drivers is just good business sense. Especially when being late just won’t fly. Watch host Aziz Ansari and longtime castmate Bobby Moynihan reenact the importance of an Uber experience. Don’t forget that five-star rating.

Media is the real MVP.

One of the main pillars of PR is media relations. This makes getting to know your local media market essential. From familiarizing yourself with top reporters’ regular beats to becoming friendly with publications’ upcoming editorial calendars, knowing how best to work with journalists in your community separates the pros from the amateurs. Politics aside, PR professionals should learn from Melissa McCarthy’s fan-favorite turn as White House press secretary Sean Spicer and respect the media’s duty to share news. After all, they’re the gateway to the people. I guess that makes us security? See the SNL guest supreme act it out for us, here.

A little polite stalking is necessary.

 When it comes to getting the information you need in PR, some sleuthing is key. Whether it’s finding contact information for an unlisted reporter or pulling a press clip from a small community newspaper, research is part of the job. It’s important to have savvy discovery skills so that when a client needs the Facebook of a potential connection or you need to track down that blogger you just met at an after-hours networking event you can rise to the occasion. Watch guest Kristen Stewart and popular SNL staffer Pete Davidson’s coffee shop meet cute with a side of light investigating, here.

By Claire Osburn