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Et tu, Callie?

You could say Callie’s passion for PR started in an 8th grade English class when she saw how Mark Antony transformed and mobilized the hearts of a city through strategic word choice, shrewd pathos and a masterful understanding of his target audience in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

That’s what she tells us anyway. And we double-checked Wikipedia to make sure she didn’t copy and paste that.

In short, Callie is an expert storyteller. She listens to her clients and finds the best way to share their messaging with a target audience. Her writing skills are tops, and you won’t find another 20-something with a better vocabulary.

That’s why she’s formerly been brought in to support projects like debuting the first premier national retailers in Chattanooga since the 1930s (you may have heard of them: J. Crew, Anthropologie, lululemon… ) and helping manage the communications and campaign efforts for nine local and state political campaigns, resulting in nine wins. Talk about measurable results.

While winning is great and all, Callie credits her passion for PR to work that gives back. One of the most meaningful movements she’s been a part of is Newk’s Eatery’s national ovarian cancer awareness initiative, “Newk’s Cares.” In honor of Newk’s 100th restaurant opening, Callie’s team conceived and promoted a system-wide campaign that ultimately raised more than $100,000 for the cause. Callie helped manage the brand’s communications efforts across 13 states—from grand opening announcements and new menu additions to brand growth initiatives.

So it turns out she’s as good at writing about food as she is at writing for political campaigns, and that’s just the type of versatility we expect here at RPR.

During off hours, you’ll want to invite Callie to be a part of your trivia night team. She loves red wine and history podcasts, so you know she’ll be fun but also actually help you win.

Wait, we’re sensing a theme with this girl…


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