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Nov 23

One of the biggest perks of being a part of the Public Relations Global Network? Constantly being introduced to some of the best agencies in the world.

Last month during our network-wide meeting in Dubai, PRGN added a new affiliate based out of Los Angeles to the group.

The Hoyt Organization, Inc. was founded in 1986 and has grown into a full-service strategic communications firm that provides PR counseling and crisis communication services and specializes in developing PR programs for business to business and business to consumer-based companies. Their clients often have a focus on the real estate, financial and professional services, retail, legal, technology and healthcare industries.

We’re digging their current client list, which includes, Sotheby’s International Realty, USC Lusk Center for Real Estate and Genton Property Group for the Four Seasons Private Residence, Los Angeles, among others.

Needless to say, if you have a PR need in L.A., we now have a stellar partner that can help you out.

If you are part of an agency interested in joining PRGN, the network is actively recruiting PR members in China, Africa, Belgium and New York. Visit the PRGN website’s member recruitment section for more information or email its membership chair, C.L. Conroy, at

Hoyt team

By Jennifer Poythress
Nov 03

As a public relations agency with a focus on cause marketing, we help our clients make an impact in their communities. But why did we come to work each day? What was our core purpose?

We spent hours trying to figure it out as a team until one night it just clicked. We want to work for something more than just a paycheck. We want to help others go out and do good in the world.

That’s how this initiative was born.

Through Be The Good, our agency provides travel grants to individuals who want to do volunteer or mission work at home and abroad.

We believe that mission work changes you. It makes you a better team member, spouse, parent, friend. As an agency, this allows us to work for something bigger than ourselves. As individual people, it’s a way for us to pay it forward.

Will you join us?

By Lauren Reed
Sep 02

You may not realize this, but transporting a miniature barnyard animal into a Midtown office space undetected is quite a feat. We thought we could keep it under wraps – until we were caught. That’s getting a little ahead of myself. I’ll start at the beginning.

At RPR we’re building a culture of being fun-loving while getting our s**t done. We get big wins and implement successful campaigns for our clients and, most importantly, we like to celebrate those wins.

Back in February we moved into our beloved new home on West End Avenue. We’re proud of our space and how it’s coming along, so naturally we wanted to share and celebrate it with everyone. The grand idea? Host an unforgettable Cinco de Mayo party in our new office.

Cinco de Mayo can be a busy holiday for many, with folks jumping from place to place to enjoy endless margaritas, chips and salsa and great music. And given that Cinco de Mayo fell on a Tuesday this year, we knew our party-goers would get plenty of other invitations. We had to set ourselves apart.

We mapped out the entire “film” – all 30 seconds of it. We’d bring in oversized margarita glasses, a piñata, party favors and trash our office to look like a scene of aftermath from the most epic Cinco de Mayo party ever. We knew that would get you all there. To top it off at the end we would pan to a donkey. That’s right. A donkey. In. Our. Office. Then we’d hit anyone who declined with the tagline: “Don’t be an ass. Come to our party.”

It was perfect. We loved it, and so we set about making this happen. But how does one get a donkey to an office in Nashville? Impeccable Googling skills. That’s how. The heads of RPR have other talents aside from running an agency. We can find anything on the Internet, even a miniature donkey in the Nashville area.

I gave Jeni – a donkey wrangler – a call and she had just the donkey for us. Brittany may have been a bit confused when someone called for me about a donkey. But we had our talent booked.

From there we lined up the shoot and, very carefully, brought the donkey to RPR. I may have only just told security we had this shoot lined up as we were bringing the donkey upstairs. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t some moments of utter panic in me as we tried to lure Eeyore through the front doorway to our office building. He froze before making it to the elevator.

He planted his heels firmly on the tile and I grabbed Jack Henry, Lauren’s five-year-old son, as quickly as possible. (Side note: Of course, Jack Henry was there. When you rent a donkey for the day your kid skips preschool and visits the office.)

I just knew Eeyore was going to kick him in the head, giving him some permanent injury (or at least a black eye), I would be fired and our wonderful idea would become a nightmare.

Thankfully for me, and all of you that attended our party, that didn’t happen. With the help of a few cupcakes and tortilla chips, Eeyore made his way up to Suite 320. And the rest is history. La la bamba.

Oh that’s right, except our landlord stopped by our office the next day inquiring about a mule in our office. He stayed outside the door as if he was afraid he would discover the animal was still there 24 hours later. We gave our Girl Scout honor and said we would never do that again. It was totally worth it. See for yourself!

By Katie Adkisson
Aug 05

RPR recently completed a poll to find out more about millennials and their purchasing habits and attitudes toward companies.

Our initial research found that more than 85 percent of millennials surveyed would prefer to purchase from a brand that supports a charitable cause.

Comments included:

“I definitely pay more for companies that give back. I love Toms and Honest Company!”

“[I would] pay a slight bit more for a product from a company that gives back to help the community and its customers.”

The findings from our initial poll reaffirmed what many already know – that millennials believe in and support causes. We want to dive deeper into millennial attitudes and discover the driving forces behind this. That’s why we’ve created a new survey and will be hitting the streets soon to interview millennials on what motivates them.

We’ll answer questions such as what makes them accept a position and stay engaged, how they determine what causes to support and how they determine what companies gain their loyalty.

Does this interest you? With $200 billion in the U.S. economy’s annual buying power, we suspect it does. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more. You can also join our e-mail list to get our most up-to-date findings.

*I feel that because I am (barely) a millennial, it allows me to say “madness” in a non-offensive, non-derogatory way.

By Katie Adkisson
Jul 08


“What would you do if money was no object?”

In January, our team sat down to discuss our core purpose during our first planning session of the year. The goal was to answer one question: Why do we come to work each day? Yes, we’re good at PR and we enjoy helping our clients grow their businesses and their brands, but there had to be a bigger purpose. We just couldn’t put our finger on it.

We came up with this core purpose statement:

Challenge ourselves through work we love, with people we love, to make a lasting impact.

But what does that mean? What can we as an agency do to make that lasting impact? We’re just a few women working in a small office in Nashville. How can we work toward something larger than ourselves to truly make a lasting impact – in Tennessee and beyond?

Fast-forward a few weeks.

Raven was peppering me with questions on our way to a client meeting in St. Louis. Among them was one of the most simple, yet thought-invoking questions I had ever been asked.

“What sort of business would you start if money was no object?” she asked.

Without hesitation, I shared that it wouldn’t necessarily be a business. It would be a nonprofit that provides travel scholarships or financial assistance to send people into the field to do mission or volunteer work. We delved into what that would look like and suddenly had a near-complete hypothetical business plan.

Within a matter of minutes we realized that we – RPR – could do that.

In ten minutes we had the plan mapped out: the selection process, candidate criteria… even a map of the world for our office that we would add a pin to each time we sent another traveler into the world to do good.

There was a lot of squealing, and in our excitement, we missed the exit for our hotel. Twice.

This is an area that I am deeply passionate about. Mission work changes you. It makes you a better business owner, team member, spouse, parent and friend. And with this program, it goes even further. It impacts the lives of those we’re sponsoring, and it impacts the lives that they are touching.

RPR will provide travel grants to individuals who wish to do volunteer or mission work abroad. The amount of money allocated to this will be tied to agency revenue. This allows us to work for something bigger than ourselves.

It’s actually quite simple. We do fantastic work for our clients, make money and send people to do more fantastic work around the world. Now instead of making money for “the man” (or woman, in our case) our team is working hard to help mankind.

You know that action-oriented core value of ours? Well, since dreaming up this program in November we’ve been able to provide grants for four individuals to do mission or volunteer work in various parts of the globe, including Africa, Ireland and Costa Rica – all during the unofficial pilot phase.

Stay tuned for the official launch in 2016. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for details on how to apply and where our volunteers are going.

We’ve only just begun.

By Lauren Reed