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Oct 04

A new season brings a new intern here to RPR, and this one’s definitely got gusto.

Meet Megan Heiner. Megan is finishing up her PR degree at Belmont University this fall, but she’s already accrued real-world experience and several awards including Best Series from the Dallas Morning News High School Paper Competition, #1 Graphic Design and #2 Feature Story from Press Women of Texas and Best Daughter Award from her parents – a truly grueling competition when you have two brothers.

She spends her spare time pining over puppies on the Nashville Humane Association and Great Pyrenees Rescue websites, but she’s waiting until after graduation to adopt one because she’s a responsible person. Here are a few more fun facts about Megan.

By Jennifer Poythress
Sep 29

One of the coolest aspects of working for a PR agency is coming up with creative and unique ideas that set your clients apart, then witnessing these ideas come to life through various campaigns, initiatives and events.

Our team did just that during the month of September with our client, Orangetheory Fitness—Midtown. Because September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, we coordinated a partnership with Orangetheory Fitness—Midtown and local Nashville elementary school, Eakin Elementary, to educate local Nashville kids on the importance of exercise. Throughout the month, an Orangetheory Fitness trainer took over the 3rd and 4th grade P.E. classes to teach kids various exercise moves and show them just how fun it can be to stay active.

In conjunction, we coordinated a second partner to provide some direction on the need of a healthy and nutritious diet, something at the core of this national wellness initiative. A nutritionist from popular juicer and health foods restaurant, The Juice Bar, was able to make smoothies for the students and show them just how delicious and nutritious smoothies can be! The kids were even given a smoothie recipe to take home for their parents to make them.

Our team secured an opportunity with Nashville’s NewsChannel5 weekly School Patrol segment that highlights local school’s events and initiatives making a difference in the community. Check out the clip below that reached nearly 75,000 viewers in the Nashville area.

While childhood obesity is a national epidemic that cannot be solved in just one month, intentional efforts can be made to combat the issue one step at a time – and we were excited to be a part of the process on behalf of our client. This effort was a great step in the right direction and Orangetheory Fitness is looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with Eakin Elementary.


By Rachel Davis
Aug 30

It’s no secret that here at RPR, we genuinely love non-profit work. Our projects with organizations like Blood:Water, HOPE International, The Phoenix Club of Nashville, REBOOT Combat Recovery and so many others are some of the most rewarding and awe-inspiring projects we have.

These organizations are one of the reasons we launched our Be The Good travel grant program in 2015 and a division dedicated solely to Cause Marketing in 2016. They do more than turn a profit – they enrich and improve the lives of others – and it is an honor for our agency to be able to help them do that.

In 2015 as part of Be The Good, we donated a portion of our company’s profits to build a classroom for incarcerated mothers and their children in El Salvador. The organization behind the project, Christ for the City International, provides English classes for these women and their children, who also live in the prison until the age of five with no place to play or learn. The prison had finally identified a space for a classroom and they just needed money for the materials, which we were happy to provide.

Due to restrictions at the prison, that classroom was never built. Shortly after the donation was made, the local government closed down all visits to the prisons due to issues with gangs. No visitation was allowed by family, friends, churches or anyone else.

But the money didn’t go unused. This year, Christ for the City International took the donation from RPR and built a home for a wonderful family in need on La Calzada Island. The island is community of about 1,600 people that is isolated from the mainland by a maze of waterways through mangroves. Most of the people there live in extreme poverty, only a few have formal employment and no one on the island has ever received a university degree. Many people live in extreme poverty making $1-2 per day and survive off the land.

Our team is ecstatic to see that our hard work and amazing clients have given a family in El Salvador a safe place to stay with the construction of this new cinder block home. Thank you to everyone who has helped us Be The Good in Nashville and around the world.

By Jennifer Poythress
Aug 14

Imagine this: You get an unexpected call in the middle of the day. Your company’s network has experienced a data breach and information for thousands of customers is now susceptible to hackers. You don’t know all the details yet, but the local news has gotten wind of the story and they are planning to run a story in the evening newscast. To make matters worse, chatter from worried customers has already started on social media after an employee overheard the news.

What do you do? Are you prepared to field questions from media, your employees and your other stakeholders? How will this affect your company’s reputation and how will you take action to right the situation?

Of all the exciting aspects of public relations and marketing, crisis management can be one of the most challenging and most uncomfortable areas to address – but it is also one of the most critical.

Big or small, for profit or not-for-profit, all organizations should have a well-rounded crisis management plan in place. A good crisis plan will serve as a guidebook to navigating all matter of complex situations that could affect the profitability, integrity or reputation of your organization. This includes serious crises such as workplace crime or violence to less dire situations such as your computer networks crashing.

Read the full article on the Public Relations Global Network blog.

By Lauren Reed
Aug 09

From moving out on your own to choosing a major that could dictate your entire career, college is a major turning point. That one history class may seem like it will last forever, but four years goes by in the blink of an eye.

Now that I have been out of college and in the workforce for a year, I’ve thought a lot about what helped me stand out and land a job in a competitive market like Nashville. All signs seem to point to one thing: internships.

These days, many college programs require students to complete an internship before graduation. While some students see this as a box to check off before walking across the stage, it should be seen as a holy grail of opportunities.

I kicked off my first internship working 40-hour weeks when most college students were enjoying a break for the summer. Why did I decide to trade the pool for a cubicle? I realized that while I did learn a lot about PR through my college curriculum, nothing compares to real world experience.

Fast forward three years and three internships later, I felt fully prepared for my job search as I scoured the Internet for that coveted first post-graduate job. How can an internship help you do the same? Let’s count the ways…

Easier Transition

As an intern, you get accustomed to working in an office. You learn what’s appropriate to wear, better time management skills, office etiquette and a whole range of other skills that aren’t necessarily taught in the classroom. The transition from college life to the real world will be much easier if you are used to the early morning alarms and full days of work compared to only a few hours of classes each day.

Expand Your Networking

Networking. Networking. Networking. The job hunt is all about who you know. The employees that guided you along your intern journey could play an instrumental role in securing your first job. Before you leave the internship to head back to campus, ask your manager for a recommendation letter. This will give your internship weight in comparison to other activities since you have a true PR professional recommending you for a job.

Set Yourself Apart

Having a few internships under your belt will make a difference when you’re interviewing for your first post-graduate job. While it’s listed on your resume, make sure to highlight your intern experience in the interview and show the results from the projects you worked on while you were there. Hiring managers typically like to see numbers and analytics that prove you contributed something measureable and tangible to the team’s success.

Between balancing homework, a social life and somewhat of a sleep schedule, it can be difficult to make time for internships that aren’t required. But when it comes to applying for jobs after graduation, being able to join a team with past real world knowledge will set you a part and make you a more desirable candidate.

Interested in interning at RPR? Apply here.

By Macey Cleary