Public Relations

PR. Surprise! It doesn’t stand for press release.

According to the Public Relations Society of America, the official definition is as follows:

“Public relations is  a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

At REED, we’re all about building those mutually beneficial relationships, and no matter your audience, we help our clients break through the clutter with messages that resonate.

Whether it is through media relations, social media, thought leadership, branding or event management, we’ll guide your brand by building strong connections with key stakeholders.

Public Relations Blog Posts

The U.S. Is Gradually Reopening. Are You Ready?

It is surreal to think what a different world we’re living in compared to just two months ago when many of us were making Spring Break plans, looking forward to March Madness and getting ready for warmer evenings out on the patio with friends and family. Many companies have folded under the pressure and inevitabilities…
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Your Team—Are They Your Top Priority? They Better Be.

By: Lauren Reed When we think about key stakeholders, groups like investors, consumers, board members, public officials and more may come to mind. One group often overlooked, however, are the employees just down the hall. This powerful group has the potential to either enhance or undermine your business. By definition, public relations is a strategic…
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Instagram changes: Do you like me?

This weekend, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri let us in on some game-changing news that we wanted to share.  Beginning in April 2019, Instagram has been testing hiding like counts from followers in seven different countries. On Friday, Mosseri announced the same rollout would be tested in some parts of the U.S. this week. The goal of this potential…
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Eva Schloss, Nashville - Photo Credit Rick Malkin

Community Relations: Eva Schloss Recounts Holocaust in Nashville

Chabad of Nashville had an exciting opportunity to bring Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s childhood friend and stepsister, to Middle Tennessee for a speaking opportunity to share the unimaginable experience of living through the fear and panic that was the Holocaust. The event was an opportunity to raise awareness of the atrocities of genocide, persecution and hatred…
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