Our Green Team

We developed a Green Team to ensure our sustainability efforts remain top of mind. Learn more about our sustainability here.

Our Mission: REED Public Relations will actively and consistently develop, practice and adapt sustainability efforts with the goal of leading our industry and educating our stakeholders on how to be environmentally friendly in their daily lives.

We are proud to be a Certified Urban Green Lab at the Silver Level. Through our partnership with Urban Green Lab, our team has access to community sustainability resources and learnings. Our team is also a member of the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable, allowing us to network within the local sustainability community, hear best practices and exchange ideas for continued growth in the workplace and beyond.

In tandem with our sustainability efforts, we’ve set aside a dedicated disaster relief fund. In the event of a natural disaster here in Tennessee, tornado or otherwise, we are ready to help our community navigate a return to normal after experiencing tragedy.

From the desk of ‘REED Goes Green’

It’s been a while since we’ve shared an update on REED’s sustainability journey, so let’s catch up on what we’ve been up to lately in the REED office! If you’d like to read about our sustainability initiatives from last spring, you can check them out here. Through our partnership with Urban Green Lab (UGL), we achieved certified Silver status for…
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The Power of Giving Back: Why Businesses Should Invest in Local Communities

In today’s interconnected world, businesses have an extraordinary opportunity – and responsibility – to profoundly influence the communities they serve. Beyond making profits and providing employment, companies can be crucial in nurturing a thriving, dynamic local community. Engaging in philanthropy and forming partnerships within the community benefits the area and can bring numerous advantages to…
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Be The Good: Sireen Momani

REED’s Be The Good program provided funding for Sireen Momani’s recent service trip to Malawi. She provided various medical services at the country’s only tertiary care emergency department. This trip was organized by Prisma Health Emergency Medicine Residency, South Carolina’s largest private, non-profit healthcare system, to bring medical residents and life-changing medical techniques to underserved…
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Be The Good: Shreyansh Agiwal

REED’s Be The Good program provided funding for Shreyansh Agiwal’s recent service trip to Guatemala. He spent his time as part of a team that provided a variety of essential healthcare services and installed stoves in areas of need. This trip was organized by Michigan HELPS, a Michigan-based medical and dental team working in partnership…
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Be The Good: Megan Mormile

REED’s Be The Good recently supported Megan Mormile’s work in Peru with International Medical Relief, an organization that provides access to public health education and medical services to underserved and vulnerable communities globally. Her time in Peru was spent bringing healthcare access to a community in need through medical and dental care. Read more about…
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Are you ready to Be The Good?

Passionate about making a global impact, REED supports this desire in others by sending several individuals on service trips each year – across the globe and in our backyard. Are you planning to embark on a service trip* of your own this year? Good news! We’re looking to continue supporting world-changers by funding crucial service…
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Be The Good: Hollyn Lentz

Be The Good recently helped fund Hollyn Lentz’s service trip to Thailand. With the support of Autism Career Training, Hollyn is passionately advocating for quality, individualized education for all children as a direct aide to a student with special needs at one of the International Schools. She shared the following insights from her time abroad so…
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Be The Good: Priscilla Newman

REED’s Be The Good program provided funding for Priscilla Newman’s recent service trip to Lima, Peru. She spent her time as part of a medical team that conducted important cleft palate and lip revision surgeries for children in need of medical care. This trip was organized by Healing The Children, which partners with American doctors…
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REED is now a Silver Certified Urban Green Lab

We are excited to announce that REED is now a Certified Urban Green Lab at the Silver Level! Through Urban Green Lab‘s program to teach communities about making sustainable choices, our Be The Good team implemented changes and improvements to REED’s sustainability practices. Through our efforts, Urban Green Lab officially recognizes REED as a company…
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Be The Good: Olivia Flint

We’re excited to share that Be The Good recently aided in funding a service trip to Uganda. Olivia Flint, the recipient, spent her time in the region establishing schools, clean water wells and healthcare clinics and serving meals to locals. All of this was made possible through Conduit Mission, an organization that exists to equip…
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Be The Good: Troy Sanders

Be The Good is back and better than ever! We recently donated funds to Troy Sanders, a fourth-year medical student at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, who visited Kenya to give back to those in need. He traveled with Rad-Aid International, whose mission is to improve and optimize access to medical imaging and…
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Introducing REED Goes GREEN

The climate is changing, and so is public opinion. As the effects of climate change become more prevalent through severe weather events, stakeholders and employees are calling on companies to put their money where their mouth is in terms of sustainability. As we help companies navigate those business changes, we are excited to highlight our…
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Connecting Profit with Purpose

Boosting business by doing good sounds like a no-brainer, right? In the past few years, businesses have been raising the bar to not only “do good in the world” but to find opportunities to give back to causes that resonate with them. This is best exemplified during the holiday season. The end of the year…
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Thanks for helping us Be The Good

As we reflect on this past year, thankful feels like an understatement. At REED, we are thankful for our supportive team that challenges and encourages each other to grow every day. We are thankful for our clients, who trust us to grow their brands on a local, regional and national level. And we are especially thankful that because of these clients, we can make…
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A Letter from Lauren

As a public relations agency with a focus on cause marketing, we help our clients make an impact in their communities. But why did we come to work each day? What was our core purpose? We spent hours trying to figure it out as a team until one night it just clicked. We want to…
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