Brand Filters: How to tell your story when it’s clearly marketing

Every business has a marketing strategy. Even if you’ve never allocated a budget for marketing or PR, you’ve been marketing your business since day one. Every communication about your services or offerings and each simple conversation with a colleague or lead is a piece of your marketing efforts. The information on your website, Google business listing or social media also tells your story through digital marketing. Often, this information comes together piecemeal over time and can become clunky and confusing. Various team members may contribute to communications, and what results is a diluted version of what you’re selling.

This is where our Brand Filters Workshop enters the chat. We help clients cut through the clutter and identify a clear, convincing brand voice that educates stakeholders and prospective clients and attracts business growth. A well-crafted brand identity distinguishes your business from competitors and fosters trust, loyalty and emotional connection with your audience.

Brand identity serves as the face of your business. It encapsulates your company’s values, personality and mission, providing consumers with a glimpse into what your brand stands for. Your message matters.

The Brand Filters Workshop focuses on the following exercises to help you understand your brand and communicate it clearly to your audiences:

Stakeholder identification: Who is invested in your brand? Who represents it? Who do you serve or want to attract?

Audience sentiment: What and how do you want your stakeholders to think of you, now and in the future?

Tactical plan: How will you reach and communicate with each audience?

Mission cross-check: Does your business organization align with your core values?

Brand filter development: Identify and perfect three to five statements that will serve as a litmus for all communications.

That deep dive often produces newfound discoveries and reinforces core values for businesses, helping clients focus on what matters most. A cohesive brand identity gives all stakeholders a sense of purpose and direction, driving collective efforts toward achieving common goals. When everyone within the business embodies the brand identity, it creates a unified front that enhances brand integrity and strengthens overall impact.

From there, our team focuses on what we do best: strategic, effective communications.

In today’s oversaturated market, consumers are bombarded with countless options vying for their attention. A distinctive brand identity sets your business apart, making it easier for consumers to recognize and remember your brand amidst the noise. Consistency is critical here – maintaining a cohesive brand identity across all touchpoints reinforces brand recall and strengthens brand awareness over time.

Our Marketing Playbook will arm you with the information you need to reach your audiences effectively and build repeat interactions. The playbook includes key message development, content development, media relations strategy, email marketing strategy, website audit and recommendations, social media audit and recommendations, influencer relations strategy and best practices, community outreach and engagement strategy, benchmarks and goals for implementation and a staffing plan.

Even if your bottom line doesn’t allow for ongoing marketing and PR support, having this playbook available to enact in-house is an invaluable tool to keep your brand strategic, relevant and in front of your customers.

A study by Deloitte* reveals that businesses that invest in marketing are 60% more likely to sustain revenue growth vs. those that don’t. Let’s start with the basics: know who you are and what you offer — and communicate it well. We’re here to help.


*Source: Deloitte’s “Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data” report