Flu Awareness in partnership with Gray Media

REED was hired to be a partner in the nationwide influenza awareness campaign with Gray Media. We partnered with nearly 20 agencies across the country to spread awareness about the flu and flu vaccine. Through partnerships with a founding family of Families Fighting Flu, The American Academy of Pediatrics and The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases we used a mixed approach of science and emotions.


Spread awareness not the flu.


Inform the Tennessee public that it’s never too late to get your flu vaccine, and by doing so you can save the lives of those around you.


Our work focused on developing industry partners and executing a media relations campaign. Specific outreach included an opinion pieces and letters to the editors pitched to smaller publications throughout the state, interviews on college campuses to reach the younger population and lifestyle broadcast segments with medical professionals on how to prevent the flu.

One example: We drafted an op-ed on behalf of Eric Stein, junior board member for Families Fighting Flu, on his experiencing losing his sister to the flu and why he raises awareness. The article was picked up by several local news outlets throughout the state of Tennessee as well as national syndicated media.


Through our media outreach, we garnered more than 280 million views through op-eds, letters to the editor, broadcast segments and radio interviews