Inspire Kindness Gets Political

The socially conscious brand built to spread kind acts and goodwill tapped REED to take their brand to a place where it’s needed most – politics. We helped launch the Keep it Kind Line at Politicon.


Leading with a strong message can melt (almost) anyone’s heart and adjust behavior.


REED worked with Inspire Kindness to help them spread their message of inspiring intentional acts of kindness and showcasing that anyone can add a little kindness to their day.

We also knew that bringing the Keep it Kind Line to Politicon was an “in your face” way to tell politicians and everyone watching that we should all endeavor to be kind. We set out to spread that message with media outreach and to attendees at Politicon in Nashville.


REED lined up interviews for founder and CEO Dan Green with political radio and podcasts and pitched the story locally. We also used the opportunity to share the message of having differing opinions while still being kind through outreach to influencers and through Inspire Kindness’ booth at the event.


REED secured more than 1.3 million impressions with local and political media, which included a podcast with Politicked and broadcast coverage.