To Comment or Not To Comment: How Brands Should Approach Tough Issues

2020 has been a test for small businesses and big companies alike in more ways than one. With a global pandemic and push for social justice reform around the country, many brands are finding themselves at a communications crossroads. How do you know when you’ve said too much or too little? When is the appropriate…
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The Importance of a Good Crisis Management Plan – And How to Get Started

You’ve likely spent the past couple of months planning for the new year. You’ve finalized efforts and received necessary budget approvals. You may even be suffering from planning fatigue and just want to implement already! (We get it. We marketers are an antsy bunch.) Here’s the thing, though. While most people are golden on their…
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Your Team—Are They Your Top Priority? They Better Be.

By: Lauren Reed When we think about key stakeholders, groups like investors, consumers, board members, public officials and more may come to mind. One group often overlooked, however, are the employees just down the hall. This powerful group has the potential to either enhance or undermine your business. By definition, public relations is a strategic…
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Instagram changes: Do you like me?

This weekend, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri let us in on some game-changing news that we wanted to share.  Beginning in April 2019, Instagram has been testing hiding like counts from followers in seven different countries. On Friday, Mosseri announced the same rollout would be tested in some parts of the U.S. this week. The goal of this potential…
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Cause marketing: time to win over the consumer

Especially millennials with our “trust issues.” What is cause marketing, you ask? It’s the pair of shoes you bought because the brand guarantees a pair will then be donated to a child in need. It’s the hat you purchased because you liked that the brand advocates for nature conservation. It’s the pink cookie you bought…
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Huntsville Business Journal article about AC Hotel Huntsville

First AC Hotels by Marriott® in Alabama Opens in Huntsville

Yedla Management Company approached REED Public Relations to help promote their newest hotel, the AC Hotel Huntsville Downtown. This is the first AC Hotels by Marriott® to open in Alabama. Not only was this an excellent opportunity for Yedla Management, but it was a huge announcement for the city of Huntsville. AC Hotel Huntsville Downtown is the…
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Does Your Marketing & PR Measure Up?

Hint: It’s not always that simple   Whether you’re a Marketing & PR Director or a CEO, you’ve probably pondered the question of measuring your team or your agency’s public relations and marketing efforts. While it would be so easy to Don Draper the whole thing, show a lift in sales, and dollar-for-dollar ad spend,…
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Hands on laptop keyboard with social media icons

Social Media – What’s it Worth?

Play along with me. What if I told you that most of us spend more than two hours per day on one single activity. Would you classify that activity as important? Now I’m going to share that during the same couple of hours (142 minutes, to be exact), a brand can leave an impression, create…
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TedX Nashville 2019

TEDxNashville Exceeds Anticipated Ticket Sales in 2019

As TEDxNashville headed into its 10th year, their event team approached REED to assist with media relations and organic social media content creation for the event. With the number of Nashville’s ticketed events continuing to grow year over year, REED was tasked with helping to increase event attendance and raise awareness for the event, as…
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