Faces of PRGN Series – Lauren Reed Williams

As a member of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), I find our partnerships with other agencies from around the world to be invaluable. When I was asked to provide insight on the market in Nashville for a Faces and Markets of PRGN feature, it was an easy yes. I believe that to be great professionals in our fields and markets, we must ceaselessly educate ourselves and expand our worldview, so I’m proud to contribute to an organization that enables so many PR professionals, myself included, to do just that.

In ‘Making Noise in Music City,’ I reflect on the immense growth and shift in Nashville over the past couple of decades and provide best practices for engaging with media. Please see an excerpt below, and then I encourage you to read the full series to learn how public relations professionals work in their respective global markets.


Excerpt from ‘Making Noise in Music City’ –

Communications, media and PR market in Nashville

Nashville’s PR market is vibrant and growing, reflecting the city’s broader economic expansion and its status as a cultural and business hub. The presence of major industries such as healthcare, music, technology and hospitality allows rich opportunities for partnerships, and Nashville’s unique cultural identity, especially its deep roots in the music industry, offers distinctive opportunities for PR professionals to work on diverse projects, from corporate communications and crisis management to brand building and event promotion. The city’s growth attracts talent and new businesses, making it a competitive but dynamic environment for PR agencies.

Key expertise of REED Public Relations

  1. Media & Influencer Relations
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Thought Leadership
  4. Brand Filters & Identity 
  5. Event Management

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