Harnessing the Untapped Marketing Power of Clubhouse

Clubhouse, the audio-only social media platform, is experiencing rapid growth and making headlines. Still, many marketers have yet to grasp the potential this brand-new platform offers.

Clubhouse is an iOS-only app that allows users to listen to, participate in and curate “club rooms” where they can discuss any topic in the world. Discussions are often long-form and off-the-cuff. Think of club room conversations as “interactive podcasts.” This type of unfiltered content is a significant departure from the polished feeds you’ll find on Instagram and TikTok.

The social media platform grew from 3.5 million downloads by Feb. 1, 2021, to 8.1 million downloads by Feb. 16, 2021. Clubhouse’s exponential growth indicates longevity, making it a worthwhile investment to learn the app’s ins and outs.

Although you can amass followers on the platform, one of Clubhouse’s key attributes is that follower count does not change how the platform functions for different users. Therefore, it’s an excellent tool for small businesses, agencies and freelancers with less name recognition than major corporations. Individuals can share big ideas and meet other industry professionals regardless of how many followers they have.

Clubhouse’s “even playing field” approach means there’s a low barrier to garner attention. The only thing you need to secure is an invite to join the platform (Clubhouse remains “invite-only” for the time being, though there’s some chatter that invites will eventually disappear).

Clubhouse is also desirable because the audio-only setup allows participation in club room conversations without concern for appearance. You could feasibly participate in a discussion while wearing pajamas and eating ice cream in bed. No one will ever know!

The low entry barriers, audio-only format and lack of emphasis on followers mean the users with the best ideas will shine brightest. As an expert in your field, you can exploit your industry knowledge to secure new business opportunities, expand your network and more.

Currently, the most popular use of Clubhouse is listening to conversations featuring celebrities and public figures. Instead of getting wrapped up in the Hollywood of it all, consider why Clubhouse became so popular in the first place: it’s a bona fide replacement for the authentic social interaction we lost during COVID-19. Unless you’re a celebrity, you’ll want to maintain an approachable persona on the platform. Position yourself as someone with whom other users feel comfortable interacting.

Like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook before it, harnessing Clubhouse’s powerful potential as a marketing tool can be daunting. Even in its early days, though, a few key tactics for leveraging the platform have emerged:


Spend some time each week participating in industry-specific club rooms. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to speak up and help others solve marketing dilemmas. After each discussion, connect with users that you found interesting or spoke with directly.

Build your client base

After you have a feel for the platform, show off your extensive industry knowledge by leading your own discussions. Try to make your club rooms interactive and allow plenty of audience participation. As always, connect with other users after the conversation ends and offer future assistance with business needs.

Thought leadership

As you build your network on the platform, connect with other thought leaders in the industry and work together to host panels on trendy or contentious topics. Presenting ideas with other thought leaders will attract more listeners and, ultimately, more new business opportunities. 

Stay up to date on industry trends

You’ll have the opportunity to listen in on endless industry-specific discussions. Follow a few club rooms relevant to your line of work, then make an effort to listen and learn regularly.

Learn about new industries

Planning to expand your business’s reach in 2021? Join club rooms about target industries to gain insider knowledge and learn the jargon. You’ll be able to hold a conversation with industry leaders in no time.

Find and connect with future investors

It’s common for Clubhouse thought leaders to hold “pitch meetings” where entrepreneurs present new ideas and other users share insights and feedback. A future investor may be present. Put your best foot forward, and don’t be afraid to share your unique ideas!

Mentor others

If you find yourself connecting with another user, make contact and offer to work with them one-on-one to develop their product or business. Mentorship is not dead, it just takes a different form these days.

As you become a more confident Clubhouse user, keep best practices in mind. Be an active participant by asking questions, visiting other club rooms and hosting your own discussions. Keep your conversations authentic, not sales-y. Finally, don’t forget to share the love and invite others in your professional network to join the platform!

Clubhouse truly thrives on the “give and take” of real-life relationships. Keep this in mind, and you’ll set yourself up for Clubhouse success.