New York State of Mind – Macey’s Work Away Recap

While keeping regular business hours and not missing a beat with client deliverables, REED team members explore a different part of the world through our Work Away program. This creative team benefit provides not only the flexibility to work anywhere in the world for up to one month but also a stipend to cover expenses. While on their trip, REED team members connect with Public Relations Global Network colleagues – shout out to PRGN partner Media Profile for the idea! – and collect beneficial experiences to bring home to our clients. Read along for the latest adventure!

Macey Binner’s Work Away to New York City 

Where did you spend your Work Away, and why did you choose that location?

I spent my Work Away in New York City! The city is full of culture and provides numerous opportunities to experience things I can’t get at home. I was lucky to have a friend from college who was subletting his apartment in the West Village for the exact dates I needed! I knew from previous visits that it was my favorite area of the city because I could walk to all the restaurants I had on my list. Swifties – the apartment was on Cornelia Street! Yes, that street.

What was the biggest adjustment you made as you settled into your temporary Work Away home?

The biggest adjustment was how fast-paced the city was. I thought I was a fast walker until I was striding among locals on the way to my next destination. I also had to be realistic with how much of the Big Apple I could bite in two weeks since “the city that never sleeps” always has something for you to do or experience.

How did you connect with other PR professionals in your Work Away location?

I connected with our Public Relations Global Partner (PRGN) partner in New York City, Bill Southard from Southard Communications. Amanda was also in New York City to help me celebrate the PRNews “Rising Star” that I accepted as the ceremony happened to align with my already planned Work Away. We both got to have breakfast with Bill and spent part of the day working in his office.

I was also able to connect with a previous PRGN partner, Anne Green! She and Lauren go way back, so it was great to get to know her and visit a restaurant around the corner from her office.

A previous client, Dana Coleman, also showed me around the city by bringing me to one of the burger spots she wanted to try.

What is the best thing you ate or drank on your trip?

This is hard to narrow down! I would have to say the meal we had at Pastis. Everything was delicious, and you can’t beat a nice glass of French red wine.

What sights did you see while you explored?

The two weeks were jam-packed with a ton of different things to see!

  • The New York City Ballet
  • The MET
  • The Hamptons for a weekend
  • Hamilton on Broadway
  • The 9/11 Museum
  • Young the Giant Show at Pier 17

Name one professional and one personal benefit to REED’s Work Away program.

After my Work Away, we concepted a pop-up event for our client REÁL MESA in NYC. I was able to reference my two weeks living in the city and knew the area we were looking to host the event very well since it was the area I stayed in.

Personally, I timed my Work Away to spend my birthday in one of my favorite cities! My sister and best friend visited me to celebrate, and Lauren and Amanda flew out for the PRNEWS awards ceremony.

Any final thoughts?

During my downtime, I loved exploring as many restaurants as possible. Two weeks was not nearly enough time, seeing that Manhattan is home to over 25,000 restaurants as of December 2023. As a big foodie and strategy lead for a few restaurant clients, I was able to bring back key insights that shaped my thoughts for existing and future clients. I had to narrow down to my top choice above, but here are a few honorable mentions for anyone planning to go to NYC soon!

  • American Bar
  • Domo Domo
  • Grand Banks (so cool – it’s on a sailboat!!)
  • Palma
  • Sushi by Bou
  • Tavern on the Green
  • Sugarfish
  • Rosemary’s
  • Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant
  • 12 Chairs
  • Nami Nori