REED Intern Q&A: Meet Gracie Hughes!

REED’s internship program provides robust, hands-on agency experience, and we value the incredible work done by our rock-star interns! Please take a moment to learn about one of our spring interns, Gracie!

Who inspires you, whether it be personally or professionally?

My mother has always been a constant source of inspiration for me! I have grown up around female entrepreneurship my entire life, watching and helping my mom grow her brand, Natural Life, which makes all sorts of fun treasures women love, from clothing to gifts and home decor. My mom has set high standards for my sisters and me regarding success, business and leading a life with passion. She has always preached the message, “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life,” which has stuck with me and inspires me every day to always find purpose and passion in everything I do!

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

I enjoy going to the gym and, on nice days, walking or running outside. I love finding cute coffee shops, local spots and shops around the city, especially in East Nashville, where I live. I have recently been getting into cooking and have had a lot of fun learning different recipes! When I spend time at my home in Florida, there is nothing more I love and appreciate than spending time with my cats and taking my dogs to the beach!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was young because I love animals. Although my love for animals has remained the same, my dream is to eventually start an animal rescue platform and go around different regions to save cats and dogs. As I got older, I began to enjoy writing and storytelling, whether writing a paper for a college course or journaling for myself. This passion has continued to grow and led me to discover communications and public relations! There was also a phase where I wanted to be an organic farmer when I was 10… but we don’t talk about that.

What is your dream client or industry?

My dream client is Novak Djokovic. I have played tennis my entire life, including college, and Djokovic has always been my #1 role model and favorite tennis player. I have watched Djokovic’s path to becoming named the greatest tennis player of all time, and he would be an incredible client to work with because I feel such a personal connection to him. Since he is a global icon, the public relations opportunities are endless. It would be fun and rewarding to manage his media relations and develop meaningful brand partnerships to highlight his achievements, personal story and non-profit organization. If Djokovic were my client, I would focus on executing thought leadership campaigns to position him as an inspiration for mental toughness and resilience. I’d love to organize a documentary or series where he shares stories of his difficult childhood in Serbia and his road to success.

What is one skill you’ve learned while working at REED so far?

This is a difficult question because I have learned so much! A skill that stands out to me is communication. From communicating with team members to pitching media, I have significantly enhanced my ability to build strong internal and external relationships. I am still working on strengthening this skill because communication encompasses so much of what public relations is. Through ongoing practice and the encouraging environment REED fosters, I have seen such a dramatic growth in my communication skills and ability to articulate messages professionally and personally.

What is your favorite REED memory so far?

At the end of my first week as an intern at REED, the team organized a fun happy hour to get to know me better! Everyone asked me a thought-provoking question such as, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” and, “Where has been your favorite travel experience?” I bonded with the team, making me feel so excited and more comfortable working with everyone at REED!

Why did you choose REED?

When I came across REED before graduation last year, I was instantly drawn to the agency’s work dynamic, practices and core values. I knew right away this was a place where I could see myself thriving and developing professionally and personally. Also, the team stood out to me because it truly is the people who make the place. When I discovered REED, I strongly resonated with the wholesome, positive energy that stems from everybody at REED.

What advice would you give a college student preparing for their PR/marketing internship?

My biggest piece of advice is to ask as many questions as possible because it shows you care. During my first PR internship, I struggled a lot with workplace confidence, which is normal, and the only way to overcome this challenge is to embrace your vulnerability. By pushing yourself past a limited mindset and welcoming new challenges and experiences with a strong desire to learn, you have positioned yourself to be the most successful you can be!

Thanks for sharing, Gracie!

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