REED Intern Q&A: Meet Lily Dechen!

REED’s internship program provides robust, hands-on agency experience, and we value the incredible work done by our rock-star interns! Please take a moment to learn about one of our spring interns, Lily!

Who inspires you, whether it be personally or professionally?

I am inspired by Gina Hatch, my dance instructor growing up. I interacted with Gina several hours a week for almost 12 years. Her work ethic is impeccable, and her creativity is inspiring. She showed up and gave each of her students 110%, no matter what her day looked like before and after class. She is truly a powerhouse and someone whose lifestyle and determination I admire.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

When I am not working, I enjoy the company of my roommates and friends. We are always together and love getting coffee, having movie nights and taking impromptu trips. Last semester, we spontaneously visited one of my best friend’s hometown, Philadelphia. It was the best weekend, and it is still one of my favorite memories. Another thing I love to do is go to yoga! I go almost every day.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

This is silly, but I wanted to be a Radio City Rockette. Growing up, I always danced, and my instructor of 12 years was a Rockette for several seasons. I loved it when she taught us the iconic numbers. I was never tall enough, though.

What is your dream client or industry?

My dream industry to work with is lifestyle fitness! I live in athleisure and love so many brands in the space.

What is one skill you’ve learned while working at REED so far?

One skill that I have been able to sharpen while working at REED is effective project management. I am currently assigned to four client accounts and often complete projects for accounts outside of that. The ability to categorize different tasks and properly manage my time to ensure I am producing high-quality deliverables has proven to be essential. The opportunity to practice this day in and day out has benefited my professional development greatly.

What is your favorite REED memory so far?

My favorite memory with REED so far has been connecting with Brook in person, which I’ve gotten to do twice now. As a remote intern, I did not expect to be able to do this at all. She has gone out of her way to see me and make me feel welcome!

Another one of my favorite memories of my internship experience was when I visited the REED office and met the team in person!

Why did you choose REED?

REED stood out to me initially as a fantastic company to work with because of its social media and online presence. When I first discovered REED, the team had just participated in its annual retreat. An Instagram Reel featured different moments from the trip, and everyone on the team looked so happy and content to participate in the adventure. That positive, uplifting culture continued to be portrayed throughout the interview process, and now I witness it each day I log on at REED!

What advice would you give a college student preparing for their PR/marketing internship?

If I were to advise a fellow college student preparing for their future PR internship, I would say to be prepared for a lot of constructive feedback. The purpose of an internship is to learn! Taking critiques and applying them to whatever it may be is a strength that will transform you as a professional.


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