Small-Biz, We’re Here For You

COVID-19 Communications Hotline

It has been gut-wrenching to watch business owners deal with the impact of COVID-19. One thing is evident: small biz, our companies with fewer than 500 employees, is amazing, and our economy needs them. Small biz accounts for 99.7 percent of all businesses in the U.S. and employs nearly HALF of all United States employees – 58.9 million workers.

How a business acts and appears to the world during this pandemic has the potential to impact its brand for years to come—good or bad. Especially now, their message matters. That is why, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a communications strategy is more important than ever for a business.

This is the time to be flexible, empathetic and creative with your communications. The strongest marketers and business owners know how to adjust to the rapidly-changing landscape.

So at REED, we decided we’re not going to stand in one place. We decided to help out these small business owners who are putting it all on the line to save jobs in the best way we know how – and that’s by doing our thing!

We were able to put together a program offering COVID-19 communications counsel at zero costfor businesses who lack this resource. Businesses can sign-up for a virtual 45-minute meeting with a member from our crisis communications team to answer burning questions and talk strategy. Totally free. No strings attached.

To learn more about the COVID Communication Strategy Hotline or to sign up for a session with a member of the REED crisis team, please visit: