Five Reasons to Plan for a Potential Crisis

No one expects to get a call that puts their organization’s future in jeopardy—but things go wrong, incorrect information can go viral and the reputation of your brand can be at risk in a matter of minutes. In these situations, failing to plan is planning to fail. Especially for businesses that face intense scrutiny, things…
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Yale University Campus

RPR In StyleBlueprint: Lauren Reed Gives PR Insights After College Admissions Scandal

After the news broke that 50 high-profile individuals allegedly took part in a long-running scheme of bribery and cheating to get their children into prestigious universities, those ensnarled in the legal scandal also face an uphill PR battle. Our President and Founder Lauren Reed sat down with Liza Graves, CEO and writer for StyleBlueprint, to…
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The Importance of a Good Crisis Management Plan – And How to Get Started

Imagine this: You get an unexpected call in the middle of the day. Your company’s network has experienced a data breach and information for thousands of customers is now susceptible to hackers. You don’t know all the details yet, but the local news has gotten wind of the story and they are planning to run…
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