Q&A: Meet Jordan Forbes, rock star intern

Our intern Jordan is originally from The Bahamas, but she traded in Nassau’s beaches for Nashville’s city streets to attend college at Lipscomb University. Now, her perfect day includes hitting up the gym, exploring Nashville by foot and curling up with a good Netflix show. We can’t think of a better way to fall in…
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Three Ways PR and HR Can Partner to Achieve Organizational Excellence

Public relations (PR) and human resources (HR) continue to be major drivers of organizational success. While PR strives to boost brand awareness and positive public perceptions, HR seeks to increase employee morale and satisfaction. While these disciplines certainly have their differences, companies benefit tremendously when PR and HR engage in cross-departmental collaboration. By taking steps…
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Top Five Examples of Successful Food PR

Competition in the Food & Beverage industry is always fierce. With consumers choosing from hundreds of restaurants, F&B brands need to get creative when promoting new products and initiatives. A few PR campaigns from the past several years have stood out above the rest. Read on for a sample of our favorites and our takeaways…
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The U.S. Is Gradually Reopening. Are You Ready?

It is surreal to think what a different world we’re living in compared to just two months ago when many of us were making Spring Break plans, looking forward to March Madness and getting ready for warmer evenings out on the patio with friends and family. Many companies have folded under the pressure and inevitabilities…
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Your Team—Are They Your Top Priority? They Better Be.

By: Lauren Reed When we think about key stakeholders, groups like investors, consumers, board members, public officials and more may come to mind. One group often overlooked, however, are the employees just down the hall. This powerful group has the potential to either enhance or undermine your business. By definition, public relations is a strategic…
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Instagram changes: Do you like me?

This weekend, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri let us in on some game-changing news that we wanted to share.  Beginning in April 2019, Instagram has been testing hiding like counts from followers in seven different countries. On Friday, Mosseri announced the same rollout would be tested in some parts of the U.S. this week. The goal of this potential…
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Eva Schloss, Nashville - Photo Credit Rick Malkin

Community Relations: Eva Schloss Recounts Holocaust in Nashville

Chabad of Nashville had an exciting opportunity to bring Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s childhood friend and stepsister, to Middle Tennessee for a speaking opportunity to share the unimaginable experience of living through the fear and panic that was the Holocaust. The event was an opportunity to raise awareness of the atrocities of genocide, persecution and hatred…
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Newspapers with mug of Five Roses Tea

So You Want to be a Thought Leader?

The words “thought leadership” get tossed around a lot in our industry, but few people actually understand what it means or how to achieve thought leadership status. Here’s a secret: it’s really not that complicated. A thought leader is just that—someone who is a leader of thought in their industry or field. You must have…
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Group photo at McDonald's Black History Makers of Tomorrow Event

McDonald’s Celebrates Black History Makers of Tomorrow

During Black History Month (February), our team worked with McDonald’s of Kentuckiana to recognize outstanding students in the area. What our client got in return from this scholarship program was much more than media coverage and community goodwill. Through the program and the commitment of the owner operators of McDonald’s in the Kentuckiana area, we…
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Graphic of people connected by dotted lines

What to Know about Micro-Influencers in Social Media Marketing

Our Vice President Tori Ross recently joined PR pros from around the country in sharing their best trade secrets with Fit Small Business. What stellar advice did she have to help brands extend their reach to their target audiences? Understand how social media influencers work before dishing out big bucks to the first person with…
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