Carrie Huddleston

Community & Account Associate

Carrie leaves a great first – and lasting – impression.

REED tosses various tasks at Carrie, and she always catches them with a smile and attention to detail. Her agility may have to do with her zeal for dancing, as you’re more likely to see her on the dance floor than storytelling at events. We also think it has to do with her robust background and skillset.

The MTSU graduate has extensive digital marketing experience and puts her many hours logged on social media to good use by finding great new places to explore in Nashville. She seeks out those key Music City moments by catching intimate performances by her favorite music artists, followed by trying out the city’s restaurant scene. Past Nashville, she longs to see the world and has put Nigeria, South Africa and Dublin at the top of her list.

When she’s not juggling various internal and client tasks at REED, Carrie likes to unwind with her dogs, Jun’ & Artie, while reading a good book or discovering what drama the Real Housewives have concocted.

Carrie is an enneagram eight and prioritizes representation and equity. At the core of all she does is honor her mom’s memory by making her proud. Her life advice is “Embrace who you are now & embrace what makes you different,” and we couldn’t agree more.