Erin Horne

Marketing Director

If she puts it on her list, it’s going to get done.

Erin is a goal-setter. She thrives on getting to cross tasks off her “to-do” list, each strikethrough another accomplishment for her and her clients.

“Good” isn’t good enough for Erin. She pushes herself to go beyond what is expected of her, and it shows. In a previous role, Erin launched Georgia Aquarium’s inaugural 5k run. The goal was to have 200 runners participate, but by the morning of the race she had more than 1,100 runners participating!

Her hard work ethic may stem from the fact that she once was a four-year All-American and All-Academic college athlete. Erin swam for DePauw University, and even was the captain of the team her senior year. We hear she still holds a few records on both her high school and college swim teams!

This probably explains why she loves being by the water so much. If she’s not at the agency, Erin is most likely near a pool or planning a trip to the beach.

Years later, Erin is still cringing over what she calls “the biggest oversight of her life.” While interning for a prominent daytime television host, there was a big push for interns to clear out all the backlogged fan mail, so they were instructed to move quickly. She opened a letter with a printed portrait of Michelle Obama and, not seeing anything relevant for her boss to review, threw the portrait in the shredder.

She overlooked the fact that it was from the First Lady herself and included a hand-written note.

Our clients certainly benefit from this oversight, as Erin is now one of the most detail-oriented people we know!