Jenna Costanzo

Account Coordinator

Jenna is the peaceful presence we all need in our lives.

Don’t let Jenna’s quietly confident presence fool you. While she exudes a sense of calm that permeates the REED office, she’s also methodically working through media lists and securing influencers with a frenzy.

She is the definition of what it means to be a true enneagram 2w1, and we sure love having this ‘helper’ around.

Raised in Knoxville, Jenna joined REED as an intern after finishing up her master’s degree in strategic communication. She came aboard as a full-time account coordinator, and Jenna recognizes the needs of others and comes to the aid of those around her, whether by jumping in on a fast-moving project or being a reliably active listener.

Outside of her work, Jenna can be found exploring Nashville, powering through her favorite HIIT and barre classes, eating out at her favorite restaurants with friends, or, most importantly, relaxing at home with her fiancé and two beloved cats.

While she relishes the comfort of her own home, Jenna also has dreams of visiting her family in the Coreno Ausonio province of Italy (and enjoying some of her favorite food, linguine, while she’s there)!