Jessi Boozer

Account Manager

Jessi sees the best in everything – and everyone.

Public relations requires both quick thinking and long-lead strategy, and Jessi’s calm and steady manner equips her for both paces. Sometimes you’ve got to roll with things, and sometimes you’ve got to take charge. Jessi does both – sometimes at once – with poise and a friendly, confident smile. An unstructured week in Paris she describes as ‘beautiful chaos’ prepared her for such a role.

A lifelong Nashvillian, Jessi has a vast knowledge of the best places to visit and the new adventures to have in this ever-growing city. Want to know where to get the best tacos? Jessi knows! When she’s not leading REED’s marketing and social media efforts or putting clients at ease with her bright demeanor and strategic mind, she’s enjoying hot yoga and pilates classes with her friends or training for her first half marathon.

It’s said that enneagram 9s are the best part of all the types, and that’s ringing true with Jessi. She meets the team with agility and kindness which makes her a joy to have around.