Kate Shepherd

Account Coordinator

Kate’s got a way with words.

She may wear her heart on her sleeve, but we’re convinced there’s a direct line from her head to the pen. This deep-feeling enneagram 4 is organized, productive and has a way of putting clients at ease with her peaceful energy.

A California native, Kate simply can’t choose between city and country living, but luckily her Nashville home offers both. She has enough hobbies to fill all her free time, pouring her energy into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and her hands into pottery. Given a choice, you’ll see Kate front and center at concerts, taking in the energy and talent of live music. Be sure to ask her about the time the Foo Fighters lifted her off the ground. Is that a metaphor? It doesn’t matter when it’s Kate telling the story.

Kate’s patience and timeliness make her a valued addition to her client accounts.