Katherine Green

Senior Account Manager

Katherine is the Marie Kondo of the PR world.

That’s to say she is acutely detail-oriented, a natural problem solver and genuinely looks forward to organizing everything from her kitchen cabinets to her client to-do list.

She is regularly referred to as “the most organized person I know” by the people in her life and her idea of a good time is making extensive packing lists for trips and sharing them with her non-Type A travel companions.

A place for everything and everything in its place, right, Katherine? We love to see it.

But just because Katherine has an eye for detail doesn’t mean she gets lost in the weeds. As Senior Account Manager at REED, she excels at looking at a brand’s long-term goals to develop strategies that earn measurable results – a skill she’s honed over the years by working with businesses at multiple stages from Series A startups to publicly-traded companies.

Katherine will tell you one of her favorite past projects was managing the PR teams for a global venture capital firm and a biotech company that needed to communicate their efforts to develop COVID-19 vaccines and treatments to their customers and the general public. By taking the time to learn the biological and technological ins-and-outs of their products and target audiences, Katherine and her team successfully determined how to tell the most compelling stories in a concise and effective way.

Then there was the time she led a speakers’ bureau for multiple product teams at Google, securing and coordinating speaking opportunities for VP and C-level executives at conferences like Mobile World Congress and Money 20/20.

Nothing like working with some of the top science and tech experts in the world to keep you on your toes.

Although Katherine was born in Atlanta, Ga. and graduated from the University of Georgia, she came to Nashville right after college and has since become a certified Nashville foodie. Always an avid restaurant fan and home cook, Katherine loves tracking food trends, keeping tabs on restaurant news and reading cookbooks cover to cover. Now, she even runs her own food Instagram account showcasing the best spots in Music City.

(We won’t leave you hanging; it’s @kaleandalsopizza in case you need to know where to grab dinner tonight.)