Katie Byrd, APR

Partner & Co-Founder

Katie does not disappoint.

Not her friends. Not her family. And definitely not her clients.

If she says she’s going to do it, it gets done. Chalk it up to her motto, “Because I said I would.”

When she said she would join RPR, we were thrilled. Not only did we grab one of PR’s brightest talents, we also welcomed into the fold an old friend; her and Lauren’s relationship dates back many years to when Katie was just beginning her PR career. Who knew one day they would become business partners and grow RPR to what it is today?

As crazy as it might sound, challenges get Katie out of bed in the morning. She enjoys working through dilemmas and problem-solving for her clients, employees and the firm.

Day to day, Katie manages client relationships while overseeing our accounts and account teams. She also works on new business development, which is where that megawatt smile sure comes in handy.

Katie doesn’t just tell clients what they want to hear, no one at REED does. They are straight shooters, polite-straight shooters, who will always look out for your best interest. They don’t shy away from pushing back when they feel there is a better solution.  They understand PR and they know how to get results.

An added bonus: She can cut through any legalese thanks to substantial experience in business law. Our public affairs clients love that.

When she’s not working, she’s working out. Usually at BarreAmped. She’s cool with the couch, too. She’s versatile like that.

Did we mention she also won Ms. Sugar & Spice back in 2003? We’re told it’s a big deal beauty pageant back in Katie’s hometown. Don’t get confused though, her impressive intellect stands in stark contrast to the tired stereotype of the ditzy pageant queen. Well, except for that one time she totaled her car in a parking lot…

That was a little disappointing, Katie.