Louise Paterson

Account Manager

Louise is not afraid of a little change.

The New York-born turned South Carolinian wasted no time jumping into professional workplaces after graduating from the University of South Carolina. Within a month of tossing her cap, she had moved to Nashville and embarked on her PR career.

Call it passion, or eagerness, or an insatiable drive to learn new things. Whatever it is, Louise possesses a go-getter attitude that’s already brought her to great heights early in her professional life.

Since joining the REED team as an intern in January 2022, Louise has assisted on several successful major projects including the grand opening of Shelby House in East Nashville, fostering media relationships in multiple states to launch Workit Health virtual addiction treatment and building a creative strategy to distribute and manage social media content for Tri Star Energy’s brands. As an enneagram two, Louise is already a pro at interpersonal relations and works seamlessly with her clients and teammates to achieve exceptional results. No surprise from the person who cites her motivation to get out of bed each morning as the desire to achieve her highest possible potential.

In her free time, Louise loves playing tourist, whether it’s across the world in New Zealand (the #1 place she’d like to visit) or right here in Music City. As someone who loves to seek out hidden gems and thrives in a fast-moving, dynamic environment, a PR career in Nashville just might be the perfect match for Louise.