Megan Silverman

Account Coordinator

Megan brings the heat everywhere she goes.

While Megan does love soaking up the warm summer sun whether she is sitting by the pool or wakeboarding on the lake, we mean that she brings a sunny, electric energy into every space she enters.

A Virginia Beach native, an Enneagram 3w2 and a graduate of The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), Megan chose Nashville as her new home and joined REED as an intern before being promoted to account coordinator. She enjoys discovering unique local coffee shops, going for walks while listening to podcasts and trying new restaurants. Having studied abroad in Australia, she is also passionate about traveling the world. Just ask her about the time that she witnessed two seven-foot-tall Kangaroos battling it out!

When she’s in the office, you can find her diligently completing client work, attempting to solve the riddle of the week and sharing a laugh with other team members.

Since she joined our team, Megan has been a dependable and adaptable resource who is ready to take on any challenge that comes her way. Maybe that’s why her favorite quote is, “Sometimes a little discomfort helps us grow.”