Tayhlor Blackwell

Account Manager

When you listen to good music in the morning, you can’t have a bad day.

Just ask Tayhlor. She kickstarts every morning with a jam session to her favorite song to set the tone for her the rest of her day. No wonder she comes into the office every day with a smile on her face and eager to get to work.

Tayhlor is driven. When given a task, she switches into work-mode and doesn’t come out until the job is done. Whether it’s pitching media, developing social strategies and creating content, or assisting with an activation you can count on her to get the job done.

What sets Tayhlor apart on our team? She was (and still is) a thriving journalist. Just ask her about her first-place Associated Press Award for “Best Online Feature Story”— or the other two AP Awards she’s earned since. It’s safe to say her exceptional writing skills have made Tayhlor a strong asset to the REED team.

When she’s out-of-office you might find Tayhlor at a Dolly Parton concert. She loves – like, really loves – Dolly. But then again, who doesn’t? She once met her while working as a music journalist and Dolly complimented her hair— quite the compliment coming from the queen of hair herself!