Tayhlor Blackwell

Vice President

Tayhlor is driven.

When given a task to accomplish, she switches into work mode and doesn’t come out until the job is done. Whether it’s pitching media, developing social strategies and creating content, or leading an activation, you can count on her to get the job done well.

What sets Tayhlor apart on our team? She was—and still is—a thriving journalist. Just ask her about her first-place Associated Press Award for “Best Online Feature Story”— or the other two AP Awards she’s earned since.

These days, Tayhlor puts pen to paper by writing creative releases, social media copy and opinion pieces on behalf of her clients. She’s also our go-to copy editor when we need to make sure a piece of writing is flawless. It’s safe to say Tayhlor’s exceptional writing skills have made her a strong asset to the REED team.

In addition to her client work, Tayhlor also leads our professional development.

The Middle Tennessee State University graduate has also made her name as a keen business communicator. Tayhlor is a member of IABC Nashville and frequently leads award-winning campaigns for her clients.

When she’s out of the office, you might find Tayhlor at a Dolly Parton concert. She loves–like, really loves–Dolly. But then again, what native Nashvillian doesn’t? Tayhlor once met Dolly while working as a music journalist and received a compliment on her hair from the queen herself.

Writing, taking photos and occasionally brushing elbows with music icons? We can’t think of a better way to spend a 9 to 5.