Tiffany Buchen

Senior Account Manager

Tiffany is a resourceful go-getter.

Excelling at challenging tasks is nothing short of a daily feat for Tiffany, and as an Enneagram 8, we would expect nothing less. Tiffany fearlessly takes on any job with tenacity and a clear head. Just ask her about the time she deterred reporters from climbing a wall and snapping unauthorized shots of her client at a launch event.

As a determined defender, Tiffany is the type of coworker and friend who will pick you up when you’re down and lift you up in the eyes of others. Who wouldn’t want that type of human on their team?

Tiffany’s notable professional attributes don’t stop there. In an ever-changing industry, she prides herself on her willingness to get creative and find a new approach to highlight her clients or teams. Tiffany always finds a way to persevere through stressful situations and deliver for her clients and team.

Through her work on team outings, events and retreats, her steadfast care and intentionality don’t end in the office. Tiffany’s love for nature runs deep and permeates many of her favorite hobbies, such as hiking, kayaking, snowboarding and off-roading. Her leading ideology is that anything with good company is worth doing, so naturally, she spends much of her free time engaging in these hobbies with her loved ones.

We couldn’t ask for a better advocate or more purposeful coworker.