Tiffany Coletti

Account Manager

Tiffany doesn’t do small. Or slow. Or “good enough.”

Winner of the Energizer Award at a previous workplace for her vivacious, always-positive attitude, Tiffany knows how to get stuff done and bring results to her clients. She’s a big-picture thinker with the drive to follow through.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Tiffany about her greatest professional accomplishments, and you’ll hear a slew of big (we repeat: BIG) brand names and events. We’re talking TV segments for Coachella featuring bachelor contestants and developing an Amazon Storefront that was featured by Kim Kardashian. Previous clients include impactful wellness brands like Ouai and Quest Nutrition.

That’s right—Tiffany’s work has risen to Kardashian-level prominence. It doesn’t get any bigger than that.

Behind the accomplishments is a nimble PR pro who loves writing as much as she loves event planning. Plus, Tiffany has honed her craft all over the country. A graduate of Northern Arizona University, Tiffany lived in San Diego, Calif. before crossing the country to start her job at REED.

Tiffany describes herself as determined, compassionate and a little quirky. For example, her favorite quote is a line straight out of Vanderpump Rules.

Even her lineage is a big deal. According to her dad, Tiffany is related to the King of England. If it’s true—and who can say for sure? —it certainly explains the charisma and hustle Tiffany displays for her clients.

Royal blood? Please. Small rocks for someone like Tiffany. After all, she always finds a way to go big, move fast and excel.