The Power of Giving Back: Why Businesses Should Invest in Local Communities

In today’s interconnected world, businesses have an extraordinary opportunity – and responsibility – to profoundly influence the communities they serve. Beyond making profits and providing employment, companies can be crucial in nurturing a thriving, dynamic local community. Engaging in philanthropy and forming partnerships within the community benefits the area and can bring numerous advantages to the businesses themselves.

At REED, we believe in the world’s innate goodness and the transformative power of positive actions. Because of this, our endeavors are not solely driven by financial success but by a profound desire to assist others and create a meaningful global and local impact. This commitment lies at the core of our Be The Good program. It presents opportunities for our employees, clients and the community to contribute to positive change in their neighborhoods and beyond.

Building Strong Community Connections and Strategic Partnerships

Building partnerships with local organizations, nonprofits and other businesses can amplify the impact of these community efforts. These partnerships allow for resource sharing, innovative solutions and coordinated actions that can tackle complex issues more effectively.

Collaborating with community partners also provides valuable insights and connections, helping businesses better understand and address the community’s needs. When actively participating in our local communities, we forge more robust and meaningful connections with our clients. This involvement nurtures trust and loyalty, which hold immense value in a competitive market.

Our Be The Good program embodies this dedication to community engagement by collaborating with local organizations. Through dedicated service days, volunteer opportunities and contributions, our employees actively contribute to creating a positive impact in Nashville, reinforcing the bond between our company and its community.

A Renewed Focus on Local Impact

According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study, 91 percent of small businesses believe that companies should give back to their local communities. Companies investing in local communities contribute to economic growth and stability, so supporting local initiatives helps create a healthier, more vibrant community. This, in turn, can lead to a more prosperous local economy, which benefits everyone, including the businesses themselves. A thriving community attracts new residents and visitors, providing a more expansive customer base and new opportunities for business expansion.

To support our local community, we’ve refocused our efforts on creating a meaningful impact in Nashville. Every year, the Be The Good team meticulously evaluates local charitable organizations to establish partnerships with and expand our outreach, striving to engage with as many groups as possible. We prioritize causes that align with our team’s passions and thoughtfully curate the list accordingly.

This year, we are thrilled to partner with two outstanding Nashville-based organizations: The Family Center and The Nashville Food Project. Through these partnerships, we aim to support their vital missions and contribute to the longevity and well-being of our local community.

Be The Good x The Family Center

The Family Center is dedicated to breaking intergenerational cycles of childhood trauma, and they offer a range of evidence-based and research-informed programs designed to create resilient communities by supporting families. Recognizing that families often need a village to thrive, The Family Center provides:

  • Seminars: Short-term educational sessions targeting specific needs.
  • Intensive Groups: Community-based groups offering in-depth information and skills training, including options for children.
  • Two-Generational Coaching: Home-based coaching for families, ensuring a comprehensive approach to resilience.
  • Training for Organizations: Programs aimed at nonprofits, businesses, and systems like courts or jails to integrate Trauma Informed Principles and advance Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) knowledge.

By partnering with The Family Center, REED is committed to supporting its mission of creating a more resilient Nashville by addressing childhood trauma at its roots.

Be The Good x The Nashville Food Project

The Nashville Food Project believes everyone should have access to the food they want and need. Their mission is critical and inspiring in a city where one in seven people struggle with food insecurity and over 40 percent of food goes to waste. The Nashville Food Project’s approach involves:

  • Growing Food: Cultivating community gardens that provide fresh produce.
  • Cooking Food: Preparing nutritious meals using rescued food.
  • Sharing Food: Distributing meals to those in need, fostering community connections and addressing hunger through more than just handouts.

The Nashville Food Project understands that the roots of hunger are complex, involving issues like poverty, unemployment, low wages and high housing costs. Our partnership supports their holistic approach to hunger alleviation and community building.

Engagement and Volunteering

One of the most exciting aspects of our Be The Good program is our team’s direct engagement with these local partners. Each year, REED dedicates a service day for our team to support our nonprofit community partners. This hands-on involvement allows our employees to experience firsthand the impact of their efforts, fostering a deeper connection to the causes we support.

Additionally, every REED team member is granted additional time to volunteer independently. This flexibility ensures that our employees can continue contributing to the causes they are passionate about, whether through our official partnerships or other local initiatives.

Building a Better Community Together

In a world where social responsibility is increasingly valued, businesses that invest in their local communities are not only doing the right thing but are also positioning themselves for long-term success. At REED, we are proud of our commitment to doing good work, beginning in our backyard.

Our partnerships with The Family Center and The Nashville Food Project are only the beginning of our renewed focus on local impact. By dedicating time, resources and energy to these vital organizations, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change that will benefit Nashville for years to come. Join us in our mission to Be The Good and make a positive impact in our communities, both locally and globally.