Top 8 Marketing Trends for 2023

2023, while bringing an onslaught of new technological advances and marketing tools, will also show a high yearning for humanization and recognition from consumers. As marketing and PR professionals, we must keep our thumb on the pulse and adapt as needed for our clients – but what does this mean in the wave of new tech? 

Here are the top 8 anticipated marketing trends for the new year: 

Video-Based Content

It’s no surprise that platforms like TikTok have redirected content creators and brands to prioritize video-based content to meet viewer demand. With algorithms favoring video over still images, brands will be turning their content budgets towards quick-view videos in place of larger campaign shoots. 

Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

The time of one-off influencer posts is slowly coming to an end. Long-term partnerships often reap more significant benefits for both parties; content provided by a creator more familiar with a brand or product will present a finished result that is often more “on-brand” and authentic. Longer-term packages and bundles can also be negotiated for content creators who are expected to work with you over several months or years, creating an added cost-efficiency. 

User-Generated Content

With consumers hunting for “relatable” content versus the “idealistic” ads the industry has relied on for so many years, brands are turning to users to assist in guiding and creating this new age of marketing content. User-generated content (UGC) decreases the overall budget spent on large-scale photoshoots and ensures the presented imagery and/or videos are relatable and organic. This is also a great tool to assist in boosting diversity throughout your marketing assets. 

Interactive Content

Gone are the times of reading an ad and moving on. Consumers want an experience during each brand interaction. 2023 will push new digital opportunities for marketers, like incorporating quizzes and contests into their current strategies. Not only does it keep consumers engaged for extended periods of time, but it nurtures the possibility of consumer-based promotion like resharing or tagging. 

AI and Conversational Marketing

Technology is one of the most significant influences on the ever-evolving world of marketing, and we should expect to see some of its greatest impact in the new year. With artificial intelligence becoming the norm for many industries, it will soon become an expected integration into the brand experience. While AI seems the furthest from human-to-human interaction, consumers are exceptionally accepting of the tool when used to create conversational marketing. 

Conversational marketing allows users to feel they are being directly assisted or communicated with in real-time. With staffing being an immediate concern, AI has been able to help customers digitally with the same achievements as a customer service associate. 

VR-Based Tools and The Metaverse

While the idea of the Metaverse is growing in popularity, there are still many roadblocks ahead. Nonetheless, many brands are expected to implement their products and shopping experiences into the Metaverse or alternate reality (AR) platforms in the coming years. Consumers should expect 2023 to bring a new wave of digital branding experiences through AR or VR that allows users first-hand, immersive insight into new products, brand updates, and loyalty programs.


40% of internet users in the U.S. utilize voice search, as you might see with products such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but this is just the beginning. Voice search is expected to continue its popularity over the next few years; optimizing keywords in the form of questions can drastically increase your brand’s awareness across these vocal-influenced products. 


Over the past few years, the industry has seen a refocus of consumer demands asking for more transparency, relatability, and responsibility. Consumers want to know that they are at the forefront of a brand’s mind and will be searching for this throughout their marketing campaigns. 

2023 will be a time to strategize your current plans to incorporate gift with purchase (GWP) or customization opportunities to reassure consumers they are the driving force behind your brand’s every step. 

While marketing trends continue to evolve each day, 2023 will be a new and exciting opportunity to look at just how far we can truly push the envelope.