Top Five Reasons Why You Should Work for Us

I walked through my front door the other night and said to my boyfriend, “I never thought I’d send an email that says, ‘Can we reschedule? We have a donkey in the office today.’”

Rewind a few hours and there we were, phones out, taking behind-the-scenes shots of a farm animal donning a sombrero like it was just another Monday. Which, essentially, it was. At least at 1720 West End Avenue.

I’m thankful every day to work surrounded by sharp, driven women who know how to laugh, when to buckle down, and when it’s appropriate to order pizza.

Here are five reasons why you should join the team:

We’re a relaxed bunch and don’t take ourselves too seriously

The other week found us crowded around a laptop in yoga attire after a group class, laughing at the photos we took earlier and snacking on warm cookies from Jake’s Bakes. We’re the same group who nails down new business, wins PR awards and can rattle off the names of three perfect journalists when you come to us with a story idea. It’s a science.

We want to become something bigger than ourselves

You’ll learn more about this later. You might even want to read a bit about it in this national interview with Lauren. But we as an agency are looking beyond Nashville to make an impact on the world. It’s called Be The Good – keep an eye on this website for more details.

It was Gandhi who said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” We all give back in some way, whether it’s mission trips to Costa Rica, Big Brothers Big Sisters or the Junior League. We’re looking for people who want to do the same.

We’re a creative team who has some zany ideas

And sometimes they become something awesome {please see above for the donkey reference}. Lauren and I were driving down the highway in St. Louis when Be The Good was born, and were presenting it to Katie and Jennifer a week later. Some of my favorite moments are when we’re sitting around the table in our conference room and brainstorming. The idea that makes everyone pause and look at each other? That’s the one we want.

We’re a flexible office that realizes you’re a human

Cheaper to fly back a day after your vacation and want to work remotely? No big. Do you have a hectic commute in the afternoons and still need to grab that sassy kid of yours from school? Leave when it makes more sense. Just make sure your work gets done.

We have the benefit of working a flexible schedule that allows for the days where a 9-5 in the office doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean we work less – we just work smarter.

Oh, and we get more vacation days than the average office. And you’re encouraged to take them all. It’s as good as it sounds.

We’re rockstars at what we do and pat each other on the back when it happens

During our weekly meetings we make a point to recognize a team member who went above and beyond and exemplified one of our core values. This is not a competitive environment. We constantly support each other and are the first to shout out congratulations and ring bells when someone gets some stellar results or has big news. Which happens pretty often, to be honest.