Why You’ll Never Catch Us Posting Cookie-Cutter Content

Social media is one of the fastest evolving tools in the PR industry; with algorithms, content trends and new platforms arising each day, it often becomes difficult for brands to navigate the social media landscape. At REED, our message strategy is simple: provide value or don’t post. We are great advocates for the belief that you should prioritize quality over quantity and should stay away from posting for the sake of posting.

For example, brands will often create space in their content calendars to post-holiday content that features “copy-and-paste” captions that feel overly used and generic. For instance, suppose you scroll through your feed on Thanksgiving Day. You’re guaranteed to be inundated with pictures of turkeys accompanied by messages of gratitude from many of the brands you follow.

Never oversaturate your followers with content already appearing in 90 percent of their feed, full stop.

Instead, if you publish content on Thanksgiving, aim to provide value or add to the company culture. Consider posting “the top three innovations in the construction industry that you are thankful for this year” or a picture of the brand’s employees running a Turkey Trot together.

For other holidays, this can look like posting “homebuying trends to expect in 2023” instead of an obligatory Happy New Year’s post or posting “our team’s favorite small businesses for gifting” in place of the standard “happy holidays” post. Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and Halloween – these are times to innovate and have fun with your social feeds!

Anything posted should meet at least one of the following objectives:

  1. The content is valuable to your audience and provides thoughtful insight
    or helpful industry or community expertise.
  2. The content ties back to your brand and includes a call to action.
  3. The content promotes and advances the culture of your brand.

Content should always convey a polished and professional, humble yet confident tone, showcasing that your brand is an established expert in your field. Your messaging should always meet consumers where they are, addressing pain points head-on in a casual and conversational voice.

When you approach social media with value at the forefront of your mind, your audience will thank you, and your analytics will be a testament to your effort.